Jun 28 2014

Managing Classifieds

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It is always up to the admin to constantly work on the new website, promote it and make it well-known to others. Correctly managing the classifieds is probably the key point of that. Well organized classifieds are easy for the visitors to use and brings more goodness to the admin. So, why not to improve management skills!

There are so many sources that can be a perfect step-by-step guide for those, who are yet to get used to website management. One of the sites I visited gave the following tips:

  • Listing types or categories
  • Listing common fields (various data types)
  • Listing custom category fields
  • User groups
  • User common fields (various data types)
  • User group-specific fields
  • Membership plans and packages
  • Features and Options for Plans and Packages

Definitely, this was too big for me to digest and another website gave the tutorial with the simplest details. I really enjoyed that site and am grateful for the team that worked on it! Here is how it looks like:


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Jun 24 2014

Where is the point…?

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Like every other web-developer, I was looking for some tips of promoting and advertising my classifieds and ran into one website. Its name itself was telling that the site was all about advertising websites. So I got curious and looked through, but there was nothing but praising that site only! No advices, no certain articles that could be helpful for the visitors… If the website does not serve others, then I do not see any point of their existence at all…

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Jun 19 2014

Devshed Network

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I just found a great website while looking for web development articles. It has bunch of topics, mostly related to programming. Although it is a bit too professional for the beginners like me, it definitely is beneficial for finding answers to some of my questions.

If you are more familiar with web development or programming languages, you can share your knowledge as well in the forums. So it really was worth checking out!

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Jun 12 2014


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Ok, despite everyday researches about maintaining a website, i still have so many things to learn…

I always see the acronym “PHP” while reading about classifieds, so what in the world does it mean?

One of the websites say that PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. It  is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development.

What distinguishes PHP from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server, generating HTML which is then sent to the client. The client would receive the results of running that script, but would not know what the underlying code was. You can even configure your web server to process all your HTML files with PHP, and then there’s really no way that users can tell what you have up your sleeve.

The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.

PHP can be used on all major operating systems, including Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and others.

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Jun 08 2014

Move Your Moto!

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Move Your Moto! This was the logo of one amazing auto website I visited today.The site is a nice tool for buying and selling used cars.

The home page was almost empty, except for that logo with the photo of a car and choice of 4 countries: the USA, Australia, the UK and Canada. So, I chose the USA, and saw the adventure start!

Although the site’s design was not that stunning, the contents included were really what the user needed. There are whole bunch of useful classified fields, which make the site so organized . The search can be done by:

  • manufacturer
  • price
  • state
  • showroom

It was pretty amazing that the site offered not only a big variety of cars, but also car insurance and car loan offers, which make buying a car so easy and comfortable!

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Jun 04 2014

Why SEO?

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Today, while looking through some car dealer websites, I noticed that they were counting all of the advantages they have and most of them included SEO. So it got me interested, what makes SEO so special and what is it actually?

Here is a short definition I found online: “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s natural” or un-paid (“organic”)search results.”

Well, now it makes sense… Definitely, not only is your website’s style and appeal important, but the content you put on the site is as well. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of gaining visibility of your website on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Car dealer SEO is a very competitive marketplace, so it is important for your business that you utilize SEO on your page. What’s the point of a site if your customers can’t find it?

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Jun 02 2014


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CSS ( born Cascading Style Sheets – Cascading Style Sheets) – a formal language for describing the appearance of a document written using a markup language .

Mainly used as a means of describing , the appearance of the web pages written using HTML markup languages ​​and XHTML, but can also be applied to XML- documents , such as SVG or XUL.
The purpose of the CSS edit source code
CSS is used by web pages to define colors, fonts , layout of individual blocks and other aspects of presenting the appearance of these web pages . The main purpose of CSS design is the separation of the description of the logical structure web page ( which is made with HTML or other markup languages ​​) from the description of the appearance of the web page ( which is now done using a formal language CSS). The separation can increase the availability of the document , to provide greater flexibility and control over its performance, and reduce complexity and repetition in the structural content. In addition , CSS allows you to represent one and the same document in different styles or methods of output devices such as screen presentation, a printed representation , voice reading ( special voice browser or screen reader ) , or withdrawal of devices using Braille.

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May 25 2014


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Javascript – scripting language for creating interactive web pages .
Javascript is not required to compile, it connects to the HTML- page and works “as is” .
Javascript – NOT java, but quite another language. He seems to say, but no more . We have your standard javascript : ECMAScript, the specification of which is located on a site in the language standard .
Someone said that javascript is similar to Python, someone talks about similarities with languages ​​Ruby, Self. The truth is that the javascript itself . This is really a special language .

What can javascript?

Edit the page to write her text, add and delete tags , change styles elements.
Respond to events : the script can wait until something happens ( mouse click , the page is loaded ) and react to it by activating .
Make requests to the server and download data without reloading the page . This is sometimes called “AJAX”.
Set and retrieve cookie, validate data , display messages , and more.
uniqueness javasc

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May 17 2014

how to make monye

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This morning I needed to place an advertisement and wondered how it can be done. considered several options found a suitable site. Actually zarobotok sites very good opportunity. turns out you can earn very good money without putting much effort. I advise you to think about this question. This is really a very good opportunity for you.

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May 09 2014

Basics of HTML

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Basics of HTML
Basic elements of the language and structure of an HTML document

The basic element is the Hypertext Markup Language – TAG (handle , handle ) . Tag is always enclosed between brackets < >, and has the following form :
< 1 TAG attribute = value … attribute N = VALUE >

Tags are single and container . Container is a pair : the opening < TAG > and closing < / TAG > .

< TAG > Container </ TAG >

The opening tag is used to specify the program – start the browser of any object or set of properties of objects in a container . The closing tag is used to specify the program , the browser on the end of an object or end use properties defined in the opening tag .

Tag attributes define the values ​​of the properties of the object or objects in a container . Property values ​​containing spaces are quoted in other cases quotes can be omitted.

HTML document is a plain text file that contains a bulleted text formatting tags , as well as set specific tags links to graphics and other multimedia files , links to other HTML documents and resources Internet.

HTML document begins <HTML> opening tag and ends with the closing tag </ HTML>. Between a given pair of container tags are two other main parts of an HTML document : the title enclosed in a container <HEAD> … </ HEAD> and the body of the document in the container <BODY> … </ BODY>. Thus the structure of a simple HTML document looks like this:

The structure of an HTML document

<HTML> – Top of page
</ HEAD>
</ BODY>
</ HTML> – End of document

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