Tours to History

Travelling is always nice, since we can try new thing, meet new people and this way add more colors to our lives. On the other hand, is travelling only about “new things”? I guess it does not have to be this way. We can as well travel back to history and discover even more colors there…

Let me take you to one of those amazing adventures today. In Kyrgyzstan, there are so many places to see, huge amount of historical heritage to discover. We will first take the ancient city of Balasagun, the capital of a great Karakhanid empire. The region now is renamed into Tokmok town but its heritage remains there. Tokmok is just an hour far from Bishkek city and visited by almost every tourist. Visit site to see how to get there.

The most important site of Tokmok is Burana tower. They say it used to be 40 meters tall, which is really a great achievement for the people of those times. However, only 25 meters of the tower is left till our days because of the natural disasters. You can now go up the building and enjoy the breathtaking view of snowcapped mountains and endless sky in harmony…


Ala-Archa National Park

If you are away from the capital and short in time to visit Karakol ski-resort, then no need to lose hope for wonderful winter break on mountains. Let me show you the way out and help you enjoy winter and its snow as much as they do in Karakol!

Just an hour away from Bishkek city there is a National park called Ala-Archa. The park is among the majestic mountains rich with fur-tree and covered with beautiful glaciers in winter. Many people already got used to going straight to Ala-Archa for picnics, skiing on the snow in great condition. It is the favorite destination of not only family and friends, but also professional skiers and other winter sport fans.

There are some nice cabins for those, who would like to escape the noises of urban life for couple of days. It would be a brilliant idea to meet the New Year there on real winter wonderland as well!


#1 ski resort in KG

Guess we have rested and relaxed for real pretty much… Are you not thinking that is it not time to go back for extreme? Exactly, I agree with you! So, what can be better than going up majestic mountains and start skiing! Only thing left to do is to decide where to go. Since we are now exploring Kyrgyzstan, my first advice would be Karakol ski resort.

The skiing complex is located in Karakol city of Issyk Kul province. Kyrgyzstan is pretty rich with great mountains and ski bases, but the one in Karakol is said to be the number one among all of them. There so many reasons for such choice of people. First of all, the snow condition is really great, which provides really smooth skiing experience. The base provides all necessary equipments for the activities and except for skiing, there are much more attractions the visitors can enjoy.

The prices are pretty affordable and even cheaper comparing to the neighbor countries. Despite this fact, you can definitely get as much joy as you would somewhere abroad! Here you can find some reviews of visitors:




Mineral Springs

In order to increase your excitement about the gifts of Nature in Kyrgyzstan, I would like to introduce you to the next natural wonder of the country. We will take the route straight to the Jalal-Abad region in the south and little Arslanbob town in it…

The town itself is very ancient and visited pretty often by the citizens of neighbor cities. The main reason is that there are some nice resorts and sanatoriums that provide special spa procedures, such as mineral baths directly from  the springs. The nature around is also breathtakingly beautiful, which makes the visitors feel even more peace and comfort.

There is no one who does not know what the “Jalal-Abad” mineral water is in the country. The water is supplied to the areas around in bottles and it is recommended to drink for its healing effects. The water is very useful for curing diseases of the digestive system together with nervous system.


The Warm Lake

It is time to introduce you to the pearl of Kyrgyzstan! It is the world’s second largest salt lake ( after Caspian) – Issyk Kul, located 1609 above sea level. The literal meaning of the name is “warm lake” due to the fact that it never freezes, despite it is surrounded by mountains and pretty cold temperature in winters. The deepest point of the lake is 668 meters and the average depth is about 300 meters. The one may feel as if it is a sea for its huge size.

Issyk-Kul is the most visited place in Kyrgyzstan for its beautiful beaches, enchanting forests and majestic peaks and glaciers surrounding it. This is the reason the lake is called as “pearl of the Tien Shan”. In 2004, it was declared as the “property of the nation” by the government.

Summers are incredibly busy on the beaches of the lake. They are filled with local visitors and tourists from all over the world. Some visit the lake not only for spending vacations, but also for health-improvement purposes. Issyk Kul’s water and the minerals nearby are said to be useful and healing for the body.

Variety of hotels, sanatoriums, guest-houses and home stays are there to give people comfort and peaceful atmosphere and help them enjoy their stay as much as possible.


Relax for Real


Traveling abroad is not only exciting, but can also be very overwhelming and tiring. So, there is a need for little breaks time to time and I have a perfect advice how to do so! Let me introduce you to the Russian bath house!

Pretty interesting place to rest, isn’t it? I sometimes do not get why some people choose night clubs or restaurants to relax, when those places are full of noise and the atmosphere is also not necessarily calming. Visiting the cosy bath house and enjoy warmth, peace and rest is what I would call a real taking it easy!

Russian bath house differs from other European ones with its sytucture, temperature and humidity level. Humidity there can reach the level of 60% and a person can sweat through 5-6 cycles! This not only makes the one feel super clean and light like an angel, but also is very useful for health. They say that sweating in the bath renews the skin, regulates blood cycle and makes the one look much younger! Here are two, no three rabbits with one shot!




When the ones travel to different countries, he intends to see certain places, because of which the country is famous. Alright, he takes lots of pictures of buildings, nature, but let us be honest, what do we enjoy the most out of multicultural tours?What do we miss the most after them? Is it not the variety of cuisines? Is it not the yummy breakfast or lunch we had somewhere in that country?

It would be light onto light if the local cuisine is truly delicious and unique. Kyrgyzstan is also one of those places, which make visitors happy with fresh fruit and vegetables, yummy and healthy food together with unique drinks, such as “Kymyz” made of horse-milk.

Kyrgyz people are fond of meat, so it is hard to imagine any kind of food without this product. The way they prepare different delicacies is just an amazing art. The video below shows one of those interesting processes:


Need for mountains…


It is always one of the best choices to choose mountains for any type of vacations. Their windy atmosphere is nice for summer picnics and snow for perfect winter vacations. And the best mountains for any taste can be found in the heart of Asia – Kyrgyzstan!

The country itself is surrounded with mountain ranges, such as Tian-Shan and Pamir-Alay, which make up to 3/4 of the territory. These untouched mountains are rich with beauty, which is making more and more tourists come and visit the country. Thanks to to the demands and wishes of visitors, more facilities, resorts and complexes are being built on mountains as well.

The very first place tourists usually visit for mountain hiking is Ala-Archa gorge. The place is situated only an hour away from the capital city Bishkek. It is also called Ala-Archa National Park and is the place where a lot of alpinists spend times training. Many visit it just to stay alone with nature. There are nice cabins to spend some days as well. Founded in around 1970s, the National park already became the real treasure of the country.



Do it yourself!


While checking out some websites this morning, I noticed something very nice among a few of them. All of the tour sites offer really amazing tour packages, which makes it a bit difficult for a person to choose. However, what if they give a person himself the choice of travel plan, how awesome would he feel?! That’s exactly what I thought about when found out about this kind of “Do it yourself” deals!

The tourist will be given the map of country together with freedom to choose the places where he/she wants to see the most and make the route of traveling! It really makes the one feel special and enjoy the whole tour created by oneself!


Make a right choice – travel to Asia!

Please, be honest, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “an ideal vacation”? Probably, enjoying life somewhere in Hawaii or taking a tour around Europe… But could you have any idea that you can have that much fun in Asia as well? I also couldn’t believe that much, since I always found Central Asian countries similar to each other and nothing much interesting there to see… How I was wrong…

I found that tourism here is developing year by year and it’s incredible how many activities they offer for active tourists. However, to make it a sweet surprise for you, I’m gonna tell about them little by little, not all at once.

So, the first cool option is for those, who do not know what fear is and feel that they were born to fly! Paragliding and skiing in Kyrgyzstan!